Years Experience Teaching Music


Years Experience on Guitar & Piano

Peter is a professional private guitar and beginner piano instructor residing just north of the Boston, MA area who is looking for new students of all ages to teach. Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Salem State University and has over 10 years of experience teaching music to children and adults. He has experience playing and performing many different styles of music, ranging from rock, pop, country, jazz, and funk.

For guitar students, Peter accepts students of all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced players. For piano students, Peter prefers to start with beginners to cover the fundamentals of theory and learning how to play the instrument. Lessons cover the very basics of learning how to play the instrument intertwined with music theory. Whether you are a beginner starting out, an advanced player, or just want play your favorite songs, Peter structures his lessons to each student’s individual needs and helps to set goals for progress.

Lessons through Skype are available to students!

For scheduling private lessons, Skype lessons, and rates, please email Peter at [email protected]

  • Guitar & Piano Instructor

    10+ years experience teaching guitar at all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced players, and piano beginners covering the fundamentals of theory and learning how to play the instrument.

  • Learn Music The Way You Want

    Peter tailors each student’s lesson on an individual basis and their specific needs. For example, one student may be interested in learning how to sight read music, while another student may want to just learn just how to play their favorite songs on guitar or piano. Even if someone wants to better understand the concept of music theory without learning an instrument, Peter is adaptable in helping the student reach his or her fullest potential and goals.

  • Experienced Musician & Performer

    25 years+ experience playing & performing many styles of music like rock, pop, country, jazz, &  funk, as well as serving as backing band leader for Jimi Jamison (former lead singer of Survivor) and opening for national acts like Alice Cooper, Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath), & Queensryche.


Darren Muise

Peter Tentindo has taught music lessons for me for many years. He is a remarkable music teacher. His ability to adapt his teaching style to any age and any situation is so valuable. He can teach a 5 year old piano then turn right around and teach a teenager how to play metal riffs on guitar then turn around again and teach an adult classical or jazz piano. He is great with the little one’s and grown-ups alike. He is a huge asset to any teaching situation.

Darren MuiseOwner of the Music Connection in Danvers, MA
Thomas Copeland

Before I started taking lessons from Peter , I was like a ship without a sail. His approach to teaching is unique, as he stresses that music is about listening to your soul and trusting your ears. He has taught me that hard work on the instrument and attention to detail yield great results. I’m happy to say I feel good about my playing now. Thanks Peter.

Thomas CopelandGuitar Student
CJ Mansfield

I have been taking guitar lessons Peter now for four years. I have learned so much from him. We started off with the basics: parts of the guitar, chords, strumming patterns, etc. and now we have progressed to more advanced concepts such as the scales, modes, and arpeggios. I can’t say enough good things about Peter. He is one of the nicest people I know and is just an all around stand up guy. Peter is very flexible and works with my schedule for lessons. If you are looking for a guitar teacher, then look no further, because Peter is one of the best there is.

CJ MansfieldGuitar Student
Charlie Blute

I have known Peter professionally and personally for several years. He is a wonderful teacher, a maestro in the making. He has a complete understanding of his music as well as how to get the information across orally and visually. On stage he is dynamic and versatile as well as friendly and courteous. He has been my teacher for nearly a year now and my skills as a guitarist have grown to a point that I could perform myself. Overall, he is the best there is!

Charlie BluteGuitar Student
Chris & Nicole Prince

Peter has been a great piano teacher for my kids. In addition to teaching them the essential skills necessary for developing a solid foundation, Peter chooses music selections based on their current interests to keep them engaged. My kids like that he records himself playing the songs so that they can listen to it during their practice sessions. He is always willing to go the extra distance to help the kids learn and enjoy playing music.

Chris & Nicole PrincePiano Students
Eddy Crowley

I have been a student of Pete’s for over a year to prepare for my auditions to various colleges for a degree in music. After spending hours upon hours working with him, I can confidently say that Pete has been an incredible teacher and mentor. He is very adaptive and willing to adjust his teaching style to best fit my needs and goals, and enters every lesson with a refreshingly positive and enthusiastic attitude. Many music teachers I have worked with have seemed to have a set, cookie-cutter lesson plan that may not work best for every student, but Pete has individualized each of my lessons so they bring out my strongest and most productive progress. As an easily distracted teenager, I can sometimes struggle with staying on task and focusing on the goals I have set for myself, but Pete has been very capable of giving me the incentive and support I need to strive for what I want to achieve. I always leave each lesson impressed; Pete has the knowledge and virtuosity of a stuck-up professor, but the patience and compassion of a friend. Because he is a performing musician and has been to multiple schools of music, he was able to offer his personal experience to steer me in the right direction and provide me with valuable advice. By taking lessons with Pete, I have not only progressed and refined my musical abilities, I have developed a strong and rewarding relationship. To anyone searching for a passionate and skilled instructor, I would highly recommend him.

Eddy CrowleyPiano Student